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We went to the Digital Marketing Show.

Dressed very conservatively.

And then we were realised, people around here need our heroic public relations consultancy. 

We met BankToTheFuture.com - who give financial muscle to entrepreneurs to get their businesses going.

CANDDi could tell us who was looking at our website. That's a useful superhero power...

Vimily were ready for some (social video marketing) action

And we photobombed Blue Sheep, who had their very own blue sheep.

We discovered what Discover Digital do.

123RF UK  were brave enough to challenge Batman to an armwrestle. Good luck bro!

Solocal were so raring to go- this guy clearly wanted to be Batman.

PixelSafe didn't think our costumes were complete so gave us some accessories. But we couldn't keep them. They're secure like that...

The team at Zeal brightened our day with tulips and celebrations <3

Animate & Create were both animated and creative. 

The guys at Doodle Ads had a brainwave.

MediaWorks' online marketing sure was going well. They'd even made some superhero friends...

Global Messaging gave Batman a surprise. 

The superheroes couldn't pass up the opportunity for a selfie with Collstream.

Majestic were royally excellent in providing Batman with lunch (and creating link intelligence databases...)

Media Tactics were being exceedingly tactical in surrounding themselves with superheroes

Batman used his fashion powers to straighten Eloqua's ties. 

And we lounged around for a bit for some more Eloqua excellence

Moustaches have more fun at Blondefish

Making other people look good in photos seems to have had its effect on The Headshot Guy.

We asked BizCrowd if superheros could join their community.

Pancentric Digital had the entire situation covered

The IDM were so expert- they had digital marketing training and superhero duties so under control  that Batman thought he could take some time off

We met Twistkey, who offered to present our superhero data beautifully. We might take them up on that... 

MediaCo were so excellent at life that Batman was worried for his job!

We met the masterful CampaignMaster.

And there certainly was no messing with DeepCrawl

House of Kaizen were listening, engaging and conversing with our superhero plans.

.rising were on the ascent. Superman flew off as well a moment after this picture was taken.

Getty Images showed us their beer mats.

Limetree had us all tickled... uh... yellow and green. Vodka will do that. 

We ended up at SmartWifi, who were intelligent about wireless. 

Now back to the hideout for some more Heroic Public Relations.



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